Jan 4, 2008

Down Time

I had surgery two and a half weeks ago, and it's opened my eyes to the world of, um, laziness, humility, and a sentimental side I didn't quite knew I had. I've never watched so much TV in my entire life. I've already purchased some make up advertised on TV that I absolutely could not resist (okay, I was on "drugs" and there was a little pressure to buy in the next 12 minutes or the price would double...ahhh!) and have currently been engrossed in the VH1's Americas Next Top Modelthon (back to back cat fight episodes...what could be more entertaining??!) I also have a new appreciation for things I once took for granted. Sleeping on my stomach for one, and taking a nice hot bubble bath. I hate shaving my legs standing up...ugh! I've called everyone in my phone book, and many have graciously told me I should not make phone calls while on Valium. (Advice noted) I have Googled every possible thing there is to Google, from health foods I cannot pronounce to places I'll never visit but look awfully pretty online. I've also shed more tears than all my postpartum and PMS spells combined. What is that all about?!! I've cried over everything from a leaky sink to a cell phone commercial (and a little bit over poor Mollie Sue when she got the boot from my new BFF Tyra!) I've also experienced the Wal Mart handicap cart, which is really quite intimidating to manuever. I ended up pulling down an entire rack of panties and getting stuck on the shelf, thus causing me to call for help in the middle of the panty aisle of WM while passerbys snickered and looked the other way. Geez! The nerve! I'll make sure I always grab that jar of mayo off the top shelf for a fellow handi-carter next time they ask. I've also sent out all my Christmas thank you cards, something I havent done in the past, well, never. If it takes getting me laid up to be thoughtful, then so be it. At least Grandma will know I really appreciated the pogo stick she sent this year. Hopefully, one day soon I'll be better and get a chance to take a pogo or two. Having surgery is also a great excuse to get out of housework. While I cringe as I take in the mounting laundry piles around me and can hardly muster the energy to wipe the Saltine cracker crumbs off my sheets, I am rather liking saying "no" to mopping, dishes, and scrubbing toilets right now. Finally, and most importantly, I've had ample time to spend with God, who should always be the number one in my life but often, and sadly, takes a back seat when life gets busy. No more excuses for not doing my daily devotionals! Yes, I'm in pain, crabby, and starting to get a serious case of cabin fever, but I know this too shall pass and I'll one day look back on this teeny time in my life with fondness. Now, I'd better run a spell check and make sure this blog makes an ounce of sense before I send it off. Happy New Year, y'all! I hope yours was more exciting than mine! And if you happen to be a Top Model fan, let's chat. It really, really is a good show.


Corrie H said...

Your blog looks great! I see that you figured it all out. Can't wait to see what you post next. It was great hanging out with you today. C

Missy said...

i love next top model! chloe too! have fun blogging.

come over to mine and check it out.


Susie said...

Love your blog. I do hope you are feeling better from your surgery. You have an awesome looking family. Missy is my daughter, I love her blog. Come visit mine!
I live in Texas, Missy in Arizona, they were all here for Christmas, what a wonderful Christmas.......