Mar 25, 2008

A few of my faves

A few of my favorite things right now:
1. American Idol. No, I don't get tired of it. I used to wonder what all the hype was about, and now I get it. This season is better than ever. David Cook rocks, and that David Archusomething is really a cutie..if I were 16 I would have a crush on him too. Simon looks smashing in his white T shirts, but Paula looks a little strange...her fashion seems to worsen with every season.
2. Trident Tropical Twist Gum. I am addicted. A chain gum chewer, if you will. I blew through a pack today. 17 little pieces, gone. Beats smoking or shoving french fries down my mouth though.
3. My kids. They are cuter than ever at the ages they're at. We had a blast at the beach today. I love watching them having fun. I am jealous of their innocence. So sweet. I'm trying to enjoy every moment and slow down to watch their little faces light up. Now, if we could just that that little guy potty trained.....
4. Coupons. I'm obsessed with my coupons again. My kids are eating me out of house and home, and I'm getting scared. Hence the coupon cutting. If my kids have to dine on Totinos pizza rolls, Kellogs cereal and Pop Tarts for the next few years because they were on sale, so be it.
5. The Bachelor. For once, they managed to find a good looking, charming guy. Now, if they could just have found some less deranged women for the poor guy...
6. Noni juice. The stuff works like a charm. Google it and get the facts on this healthy juice that's one of the best kept health secrets. You can find it at health stores like Sprouts, Henrys, etc
7.Flip flops. We can't call them thongs anymore, becuase we might get confused (though I do like those too)
8. Garlic. Garlic bread, garlic sauce, you name it, I'll eat it. Good thing I have that Trident gum handy.
9. The new hit song "Great Heights". Very cool.
10. My computer, because it works again. Hallelujah.

I want to you know your favorite things right this moment!